Unique Event Program

Special events for industry professionals, educational programmes, colorful shows, installations and expositions – you will find all this at Salon du Chocolat Moscow!
Photo of B2B Forum Chocosphere
B2B Forum Chocosphere
The event for industry professionals will be held during the first two days of Salon and will bring together representatives of wholesale and retail trade, hospitality industry and all participants in the chocolate market to discuss current industry problems, trends and development prospects.
Photo with two chocolatiers holding a chocolate dessert in the shape of rubick cube
Live Chef Demos
The program of non-stop culinary shows from recognized masters of confectionery art! During all three days of Salon, famous chefs, confectioners and chocolatiers will cook their signature desserts and share professional secrets.
Photo of two men in the process of direct negotiations
B2B Match Making
B2B meeting programme will welcome the exhibition participants, where they can take part in direct business negotiations with buyers. It is a perfect chance to find new business partners and sales channels and to increase sales geography.
Photo of a chocolatier girl making chocolate pastries
Professional contests
Salon du Chocolat Moscow is not just a trade fair, but also the meeting point for both acknowledged and young stars of confectionery art. It will host professional contests for the masters and youngsters of chocolate desserts and confectionery art.
Photo of a chocolate pairing with alcoholic drink
Tasting and pairing
Discover the taste facets of the noblest chocolate varieties! Exhibitors will conduct tastings of chocolate as a single product, and in combination with alcohol, tea, coffee and other products.
Photo of cocoa fruits
Cacao beans from around the world
Only at Salon du Chocolat Moscow you will have a unique opportunity to meet with representatives of cacao bean producing countries, learn about the varieties and tastes of the fruit and dive into the very origins of the chocolate industry.
Photo of a chocolate fox
ChocoArt exposition
At ChocoArt exposition, chocolate will appear as an art object. Before your eyes, masters and artists will create chocolate sculptures, paintings and installations.
Photo of a girl in a chocolate dress
Defile of chocolate dresses
The famous fashion show of chocolate dresses is the main entertainment program highlight of our festival. The best chocolatiers in collaboration with fashion designers will create and present real masterpieces in which the nobleness and sensuality of chocolate is combined with the elegance of sophisticated outfits.
Photo of chocolate conching in the melanger
Bean-to-Bar chocolate factory
The real interactive Bean-to-Bar chocolate factory will become the visual and symbolic center of the exhibition. You will observe all the stages of cacao bean processing from roasting to tempering and witness the magical act when plain cacao beans gradually turn into adorable chocolate.